You're in command of your boating safety. Follow these simple steps to help keep carbon monoxide from poisoning you, your passengers, or those around others.

  • Know where and how CO may accumulate in and around your boat.
  • Maintain fresh air circulation throughout the boat at all times. Run exhaust blowers whenever the generator is operating.
  • Know where your engine and generator exhaust outlets are located and keep everyone away from these areas.
  • Never sit, teak surf, or hang on the back deck or swim platform while the engines are running. Teak surfing is NEVER a safe activity.
  • Never enter areas under swim platforms where exhaust outlets are located unless the area has been properly ventilated.
  • Treat symptoms of seasickness as possible CO poisoning. Get the person into fresh air immediately. Seek medical attention-unless you're sure it's not CO.
  • Install and maintain CO alarms inside your boat. Do not ignore any alarm. Replace alarms as recommended by the alarm manufacturer.
  • Follow the checklists provided on this website.
  • Get a Vessel Safety Check. A VSC is a free bow-to-stern safety examination.

For more information, visit the U.S. Coast Guard website,

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