Starting at $71,600

The Moomba Max is built to go big every direction, starting with a massive hull and ending whenever you’re ready. Rugged good looks and big wakes give Max a built-in edge from the garage to the gnarliest sessions.

  • Length

    22' 6"

  • Seating

    17 people

  • Engine

    400 - 450

Make It Your Own

Boat Features

Every Moomba is hand-built in Maryville, Tennessee with an industry-leading set of standards and a stable of premium options at your fingertips. Discover more about what makes the Max special below.

Max profile
Max 3/4
Max interior

Optional 7 inch Screen

An optional 7” touchscreen display puts even more within reach from the driver’s seat—including the convenient wireless phone charging pad found standard on all models. The touchscreen is offset to give the driver unobstructed views and offers one-touch toggling between home, control, AutoWake® and Navigation display views.

crystal graphic

Crystal Graphic

Looks might not be everything, but they’re not nothing. The Moomba Max features an optional signature Crystal Graphic on the side to make the hull pop and enhance its presence in and out of the water.

bow seating

Spacious Bow with Bow Filler Cushion

A relaxed and roomy bow design features stylish room to lounge and a center filler pad that flips up for easy walk-through access.


GatorStep Flooring

Don’t worry about slipping or sticky messes with GatorStep. It’s the perfect easy-to-clean non-skid deck package that makes managing your interior a breeze. Available in two colors, it’s your partner in keeping your Moomba perfectly clean.

A3 tower

A3 Tower with Optional Bimini w/ Surf Storage

The Moomba® A3 Tower is specifically designed to add style and function. It features easy fold assist, bimini with surf storage and board rack options so you can quickly grab a board when it’s time to ride and safely stow.

captains dashboard

Fusion Bluetooth

The Fusion® Stereo that comes standard on the Max delivers powerful, clear sound throughout the boat and includes a mountable wireless remote to control your audio entertainment from anywhere on your Max.

Swipe Through Features

wakeboarder jumping


4,000 Pounds of Ballast

The Moomba Max fills 4,000 lbs of standard ballast with room for up to a massive 2 tons (that’s 4,000 lbs for the mathletes out there) of wake and wave-crushing ballast.

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boat resting in water


Sundeck Walk-across w/ step down

Max packs a lot into its stature, including an intuitive transom walk-across with step-down that makes moving between the cabin and swim deck simple, safe and smart. Not to mention easier access to that action.

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wakeboarder high jump


Rear Sliding Seat w/ Removable Back Rest

The standard convertible rear bench seat with removable backrest makes the Max even more functional. This comfortable seat stows as a traditional rear bench or converts to rear-facing to watch the action behind the boat—making it the perfect example of how you get more with Moomba.

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Flow 2.0

Moomba’s Flow 2.0 Surf System helps deliver the long pockets and clean lips every wakesurfer craves. Contoured plates help reposition the surf-optimized hull in the water creating massive, lengthy surf waves from the swim platform to the back of the barrel.

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Max cruising on water


AutoWake with Auto Leveling Technology

AutoWake with Multi-Sensor Technology features five patented systems that work together to automatically and continuously manage the position of your hull allowing for repeatable wakes & waves as well as a smooth, level ride home when you’re ready to pack it in.

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friends on boat



Max’s massive and deep hull has another advantage that isn't called massive wakes and waves. It’s called storage, and it’s everywhere from bow to transom in the Max.

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Max inspiration

Express Yourself

Build Your Perfect Max

Pick your gel. Pick your options. And bask in the knowledge that you made a brand new boat that’s unique to you.

Wake & Surf Systems

Ride The Wave

Whether you’re behind the wheel or behind the boat, our wake and surf systems are engineered to take the guesswork out of setting your boat up for big, clean wakes and waves.




Max Engines

The 6.2L Ford® Raptor by Indmar powerplant comes standard and delivers plenty of kick. It only gets better from there.

Moomba Reviews

Hear it straight from the owners’ fingers.

We think our boats are awesome. We built them. But we think you’ll be happy to hear our owners feel the same way.

Jason S Oct 30, 2020

Best Service Yet!!!!

Having purchased boats from jons, bass, open bow, I/O, etc., this is the best buying experience we have ever had. And being the "budget" line of a group, Moomba is the highest optioned and best fit and finish of any of the other budget brands.

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Scott C Dec 11, 2020

Awsome buying experience

While purchasing our new Moomba Max, our experience with Skiers Marine in Athens, AL was effortless. The staff went out of their way to help us with every aspect of our decision making and ordering process. I would recommend them to anyone interested in buying a new Moomba or Mastercraft.

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Anonymous Nov 01, 2020

Very Helpful

Dealer is great.

Scott C Oct 22, 2020

Great Boat

We are super happy with our 2020 Max. It has exceeded all of our expectations.

Samuel V Oct 13, 2020

2020 Max

Boat was everything I expected. Trevor at sterling Marina was awesome. Can't wait till next season

Baylen S Oct 08, 2020

MAXimize the Fun

I have had an incredible experience in this boat after it's first season. Plenty of space for everyone. The wake is great to ride behind. The controls and the auto-wake system make getting out and having fun really easy. This boat has become it's own celebrity on the lake as well, people are constantly pulling up to ask me about the boat. Looks sharp, rides great, and maximizes my fun.

Read More

Ritchie L Oct 04, 2020

Great boat!!

Our new max was exactly what we expected!! Love the new family addition

Eugene S Oct 04, 2020

2021 Moomba Max

This is our first wake boat. With that being said for an “entry” level boat it’s amazing! The stock wake is impressive and I was able to get up after a few tries for my first time ever! The room this boat has is ridiculous! We had 12 on board and never felt in the least bit cramped. The storage compartments are numerous and cavernous! The operation is easy and intuitive. This is my first direct drive and I was able to get comfortable driving the boat pretty quickly! I highly recommend Moomba!

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Kelli & Michael C Sep 11, 2020

Love our Moomba Max

We love our boat! Our kids love to wakeboard, tube, and surf! It has served us well. The size gives us all room to move around and not be over crowded- this is my favorite part! We do have a few minor issues that have arose since we have used it over summer - we have one bag that will not completely fill and the rubber lining has bubbled in the heat. These have not altered us being able to use the boat or enjoy the boat! They are small things that we will address when the season is over!

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Ryan S Sep 03, 2020

Best bang for your buck

Loving our new Moomba, great overall boat for the whole family. Puts up a great Wake, perfect for tubing, surfing and wakeboarding.

Smith D Sep 01, 2020

Perfect boat

After years of shopping and research, we decided to get a moomba max. I love the standard options and the dimensions of the boat, the freeboard is unreal. The ballast system, surf system, and cruise control are easy to use. I also like that there aren't any gimmicks it's just ballast and tabs. I also like the toggle switches on the dash it's simple and easy to use. We've already put 120 hours on the motor and we're not even done for the season.

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Jared T Aug 28, 2020

Love the new Moomba Max

I love the new Moomba Max, it has been a lot of fun for a family who has never owned a boat. There is definitely a learning curve to being a new boat owner though. I felt like the value for the price is on point. However, I do think the Max needs more ballast weight and the ballast bags sometimes say they are full when they are not. Otherwise, I would give the boat 5 stars. Overall, I would recommend the Moomba to any first time boat owners.

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Marc A Aug 28, 2020

Great 1st family boat

My family has loved the time we have spent on our Moomba Max together, the boys have learned to wakeboard.

Scott F Aug 22, 2020

great dealership and service start to finish

some of the best service I have had in years with all the other purchases and the economy I would recommend this dealer every day and my sales rep and finance lady were amazing

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Anonymous Aug 21, 2020

Awesome Boat

Moomba Max is an awesome boat and one of the best values in the industry.

Eric S Aug 20, 2020

great boat

Great boat

Brent W Aug 18, 2020

Moomba Max. Happy!!

We purchased our first boat a Moomba Max. We checked out a few boats but the high freeboard( essentially the height inside the boat) and the value of the Max won us over. We have some small children so we love how the Max is almost a play pen for them. In addition we have teenagers on board and they love surfing! With the autowake we just flick the switch and off we go! What I like about Moomba is they have been at this for a long time and really know how to make a great boat at the right price.

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Richard B Aug 18, 2020

We love our new Moomba!

We were looking for a boat for our family of five. After researching many makes/models and water testing different boats, we settled on the Moomba Max. We could not be happier with our purchase. The boat allows us to do everything we want on the water and also allows us the capacity to invite other families to enjoy the water as well. The Max is an awesome boat!

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Jon V Aug 06, 2020

Awesome Boat!

Loving the moomba Max! Already have 100 hours on it. My family has enjoyed the heck out of it!

Dusty V Aug 05, 2020

Our new moomba!

After a long hot summer of mowing lawns, I bought my first boat! At the age of 16 I purchased a 1979 Kingfisher with a 40 horse Merc! Now, almost 30 years and 7 boats later, I bought my first Moomba! The family is enjoying tremendously. With the Moomba Max there is plenty of room for our 2 kids and many of there friends. Which in turn has made our boat the place to be. The performance is amazing and the kids love the wave it produces. The memories are priceless!

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Boat Highlights

The Max Short List

Here’s a high-level overview of Max’s standard specifications. For more information, download our full spec sheet below.

  • overall length icon

    overall length

    22' 6" (6.9 m)

  • length w platform icon

    length w platform

    24' 6" (7.5 m)

  • trailer length icon

    trailer length

    26' 8" (8.1 m)

  • seating capacity icon

    seating capacity

    17 people (17 people)

  • width icon


    102" (2.6 m)

  • width w trailer icon

    width w trailer

    102" (2.6 m)

  • fuel capacity icon

    fuel capacity

    65 gals (246.1 L)

  • boat weight icon

    boat weight

    4,500 lbs (2,041.2 kg)

  • boat and trailer weight icon

    boat and trailer weight

    5,700 lbs (2,585.5 kg)

  • weight capacity icon

    weight capacity

    2,800 lbs (1,270.1 kg)

  • standard ballast icon

    standard ballast

    4,000 lbs (1,814.4 kg)

  • engine icon


    400 - 450 (400 - 450)